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CCi Partners with Procore


In March, CCi partnered with Procore, a cloud based construction software. This partnership will be instrumental in streamlining our entire project management system.

Procore Technologies, Inc., is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for Construction. Procore connects people, applications, and devices through a unified platform to help construction firms manage risk and build quality projects, safely, on time, and within budget. Procore has a diversified business model with products for Construction Project Management, Construction Financials, and Quality & Safety, and has more than 2 million users managing billions of dollars in annual construction volume.

Procore is:
A mobile and collaborative all-in-one platform built to streamline construction project management.

Procore helps:

firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real time data and accessibility minimizes costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits.


We are looking forward to managing all future jobs through Procore, and are interested in bringing clients, sub contractors and architects into the fold to create a more organized and streamlined project management process.

CCi News// June 2016


June 2016

June Newsletter–BREXIT: How Will Construction Change When U.K. Exits the European Union?

On June 23, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. This decision is a huge one, and the effects will touch many industries. Being a general contractor, naturally we are interested to see how economists think the construction industry will change, so we looked to Engineering News-Record for their take.

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CCi News// May 2016


May 2016

May Newsletter– Construction Building Costs Go Up

This month we wanted to take a moment to look at the construction economics presented by ENR for the week of May 25, 2016. One of the biggest and most frequently asked questions we get as a general contractor is, “Are the prices of construction going up?” While that is a loaded question, it boils down to the cost of materials.

As a GC, we are constantly researching the costs of building supplies to make sure that our prices are the best. One of the outlets we rely on most is the weekly ENR Construction Economic report. (See Below.)
This weeks report indicated an average overall increase in costs by 3%. Based on ENR’s calculations, this increase in cost is due to the rise in price for asphalt, concrete and cement.
For more information, check out the full report at

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CCi News// April 2016


April 2016

April Newsletter– Tenant Improvement Costs: Cheat Sheet

It is without fail that most tenants need to renovate their space directly after executing a new lease. These improvements can range in scale, but it is important to have a clear idea of the costs associated with design, permitting and construction. The last thing you want to do is underestimate your project’s cost.

That is why it is handy to have an infographic showing generic numbers for TI’s. Our friend, Brian Spence with BAM Architecture Studio created the below graph to resolve a disconnect he was seeing between real estate broker’s perception of project costs vs. what those costs really are. The infographic shows approximate construction costs and project costs on a per RSF basis for a hypothetical 20,000 RSF second-generation office TI renovation. We find ourselves utilizing this graph regularly and we are happy to pass along the information, thanks to Brian!

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CCi News// March 2016


March 2016

March Newsletter– CCi in the News: Los Angeles Time, “How I Made It”

Last week, CCi President, Bryson Reaume was featured in the Los Angeles Times! We were proud to read about how he got started in the construction business, built CCi, where he gets his inspiration and more. Check out the store below!

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CCi News// February 2016


February 2016

February Newsletter– PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: MeUndies

Towards the end of 2015, we completed the creative offices of MeUndies in Culver City, CA. This business delivers the “World’s Most Comfortable Undies” monthly, to its subscription holders. We built their office with the goal of creating a lively and fun place for the employees to work, as well as distribute their product.

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CCi News// January 2016


January 2016

January Newsletter– The Boom is Back: LA’s Construction Spending Highest in 3 Decades

It’s no secret that Los Angeles, California is experiencing an epic resurgence. City Constructors has been located in the area since its inception in 2003, and has been a part of the construction ever since.

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