Last week, Project Manager Manny had a big day on site.  After a tremendous amount of planning and coordination in the field, which included securing permits from the City about 6 weeks ago, coordinating the jobsite, the alley behind it, and renting the parking lot adjacent to that alley, we craned eight 60′ long steel trusses to the roof of the 712 Olive, nearly 125′ above street level.  Much thanks to Superintendent Mike for his help.The trusses were hoisted up and welded in place atop new concrete moment frame superstructure which we built earlier in the summer.
The trusses will be covered with metal deck and roofing, to become the entirely new floor level being constructed on the former roof of the 100 year old building.
When completed, this new “Jewel Box” structure will house the Penthouse Suite, with open vaulted ceiling and exposed trusses. This will be enclosed on two sides by twelve, 10-foot-tall sliding glass doors, which will open onto an outdoor rooftop patio deck offering amazing views of the Downtown LA skyline.