Evan Richardson joined City Constructors in 2005 to help with the company’s rapid expansion. Mr. Richardson came to City Constructors with a solid base of construction experience. Nevertheless, during his time with the company he has rotated through every role. He has proven highly adept and capable as a superintendent, estimator, project engineer, and project manager. His drive and love of construction lead him to work long hours and set a demanding pace. Mr. Richardson’s intelligence and attention to detail are the backbone of City Constructors quality control. He has an eye for identifying potential problems and he ensures that they do not occur.

Mr. Richardson’s personality and ability to maintain strong relationships has been a key component of City Constructors growth over the last 10 years. During his time with the company, Mr. Richardson has managed over 150 million dollars’ worth of projects and built many strong client relationships. His dedication and wealth of construction knowledge are cornerstones for the company.